Create a cherished gift for anniversaries, retirements, birthdays or other milestone tributes or memorials.

Have you ever wondered about how you will be remembered?


Your legacy will be written with or without you.

Goodwill Legacies provides the opportunity for you:


  • To define it and continue the story.
  • To give voice and meaning to the tears and triumphs that shaped your life.
  • To capture the wisdom and values that define you.
  • To pass down the experiences and memories you hold most dear.
  • To preserve your living legacy for your family and for future generations.
  • To seize the opportunity to create a portrait of your life.


These are the reasons to create a Goodwill Legacy.


How we create your Goodwill Legacy

We Discover the Narrative: Our professional interviewers (journalists, professional historians and award-winning documentary producers) engage you and your key family members, friends and business colleagues in thought-provoking, carefully managed one-on-one interviews. It is a safe, cathartic and always enlightening journey that reveals the ethos of its subjects; unlocking memories and re-living milestones of one’s most meaningful experiences.


We Build the Narrative: We obtain and archive important photos and old family movies that expand the story, weaving these into both a cinematic autobiographical memoir and an elegantly bound book. You will be escorted in revisiting the people, places and events that formed your unique, personal narrative.


We Share the Narrative: Our facilitated life journey process is a profoundly meaningful and satisfying personal exercise for its subjects that is equally profound and meaning to those on the receiving end. The journey culminates in a documentary-quality film and companion book that capture and preserve your legacy.


Goodwill Legacies also has the ability to create powerful philanthropic and corporate narratives, engaging hearts and minds with messages that influence and leave a lasting impression.


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